Separation and Divorce Checklist

Click here for a PDF of the Separation and Divorce Mediation Checklist.

Parenting Plan

  • Access to Information & People:  Educational and medical records; Teachers, doctors, etc.

  • Medical Emergencies: Decision-making, notification, legal consent

  • Daily Schedule: Children's living arrangements for a typical week

  • Holidays:  Secular and religious holidays, birthdays, reunions

  • Vacations:  Summer vacations, winter and spring breaks, travel

  • Transportation:  Pick-up and drop-off arrangements

  • Parental Change of Residence: Restrictions, notice to other parent

  • Decision-making (legal custody):  Major decisions about education, medical treatment, religion, discipline, safety

  • Renegotiation:  Periodic review of parenting plan, building in flexibility

  • Conflict Resolution:  Structure for settling any future disputes

Division of Property

  • Full Disclosure: Gathering and sharing of financial information and documentation concerning all assets and debts

  • Procedure for Division: 
    • Identification
    • Valuation
    • Marital vs. non-marital
    • Division

  • Some Categories of Assets:
    • Household Furnishings
    • Vehicles 
    • Other Personal Property
    • Bank Accounts
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Stocks, Bonds, Funds
    • Real Estate
    • Life Insurance
    • Business Interests
    • Pensions, IRA, 401(k), etc. 
    • Patents, Stock Options, etc.

  • Some Categories of Debts:
    • Mortgages
    • Bank Loans (e.g., car loans)
    • Loans on Life Insurance
    • Personal Loans
    • Credit Cards

Child Support & Alimony

  • Budgeting:  Children's expenses and parents' expenses

  • Income:  Identifying all sources

  • Child Support:  Calculating basic support level, school tuition, extraordinary medical expenses, childcare expenses, camp fees

  • Alimony:  Amount and duration

  • Adjustments:  Cost of living, changed circumstances

Other Financial Issues

  • Medical Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • College Tuition & Expenses

  • Taxes
    • Joint or separate returns?
    • Dependency exemptions
    • Dividing refunds & liabilities
    • Alimony vs. child support

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