Glass Waves, Nina Falk, glass artist

Concerto, Patricia Burling, weaver

Artwork plays an important role in our office. John works in close consultation with artists to choose pieces that remind us of the beauty in our world, even when we are going through difficult times, and to deliver the message to our clients: "You matter." 

Color Story: BlueOliveGold, Erin Wilson, Quilt Artist 


Mediators in Charge of Hopefulness

People often struggle with feelings of discouragement and grief as they go through the experience of ending a marriage. Part of our job as mediators is to be in charge of hopefulness until our clients are ready to take over this task for themselves. It's a job that we're well-qualified to perform, because as full-time divorce mediators, we get to see mediation successes on a daily basis. Most of our clients are able to resolve all necessary issues in mediation, even under particularly challenging or complicated circumstances.

We hope the following links will provide insight into the process, structure, benefits, and special issues in mediation we routinely encounter in our practice. 


Frequently Asked Questions


10 Reasons to Mediate


Children and Divorce


Special Needs


Affairs and Mediation


Divorce Checklist









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